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Michael Vaughan Offers Ideas to Guarantee Greater Openness in DRS Calls

<p>The Decision Review System (DRS), which is being used in the current Test series in India, has not pleased England. The visiting team’s captain, Ben Stokes, has already said twice how disappointed he is with the third umpire’s decision. In the midst of the criticism around the technical glitch, former England captain Michael Vaughan has offered several solutions.</p>
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<p>In order to facilitate television authorities’ discussion of their judgment, the former cricket player and commentator has encouraged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to set up a camera and microphones inside the DRS room.</p>
<p>Michael Vaughan says that because social media has made it simple for fans and others to reevaluate every single thing that happened on the field, the governing body need to take this seriously. As a result, there is now more opportunity to object to the official broadcasters and the third umpire.</p>
<p>Regardless of whether the hosts imported the technology from another nation, it immediately puts them in a difficult predicament.</p>
<p>Michael Vaughan said, “It only takes one look at social media to see that a lot of people don’t trust it,” in his Telegraph column. Decisions that support or oppose certain teams are the source of a great deal of animosity and mistrust. Regarding the presenters and the individuals inside the vehicle, there is mistrust. This is true even when the host broadcaster and the technology businesses are not citizens of the same nation.</p>
<p>Vaughan stated, “Stick a camera and microphone in the truck so as a decision is being made, we all know exactly what is going on, and how much humans are involved,” as a suggestion for how the ICC may permit greater openness in this area. Additionally, if an ICC representative were there, we would be able to confirm that the integrity—which is a topic we often discuss in the game—is unharmed.</p>
<p>With one game remaining in the series, England is now down 1-3. The visiting team struggled mightily at bat in the next games, losing the first game by a score of 28 runs. In the end, India won the fourth Test by a score of 434 runs, sealing the deal.</p>

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