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Unlocking Global Trade Potential with Astromar Free Trade Zones in India

In the rapidly evolving world of international trade, efficiency and strategic management are key to staying ahead. Astromar Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in India offers a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline global commerce, providing unparalleled benefits and services for businesses worldwide. As an industry leader, Astromar Free Trade Zone stands at the forefront of revolutionizing trade dynamics by facilitating smoother, faster, and more cost-effective operations.

The Concept of Free Trade Zone

Free Trade Zones are a globally recognized strategy aimed at boosting international trade and fostering stronger relationships among nations. The core idea is to create zones that provide liberal benefits and conveniences to the international trade economy, thereby enhancing import and export activities. Astromar Free Trade Zone, located strategically in Chennai, India, embodies this concept by offering numerous advantages:

Duty Deferment and Tax Benefits: By deferring duty payments and enjoying tax benefits, businesses can significantly improve their cash flow and reduce operational costs.

Cost Efficiency: Free Trade Zone minimizes lead times and streamline logistics, ensuring goods are managed effectively from entry to final delivery.

Improved Distribution Channels: Enhanced connectivity and streamlined processes ensure quicker, hassle-free movement of goods.

Strategic Location and World-Class Amenities

Astromar Free Trade Zone strategic locations in India provide easy access to major transportation hubs, including Chennai, Mumbai Seaport and Airport, ensuring efficient movement of goods. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with:

Cold Storage: Ensuring temperature-controlled handling of sensitive cargo.

Advanced Material Handling Equipment: Including forklifts, reach trucks, and battery-operated trolleys.

Fire Safety Systems: Comprehensive safety with hydrants, extinguishers, and sprinklers.

Uninterrupted Power Supply: Ensured by Diesel Generators (DG).

24/7 CCTV Surveillance: Providing round-the-clock security and monitoring.

Value-Added Services

Astromar Free Trade Zone India goes beyond basic warehousing by offering a range of value-added services designed to meet diverse business needs:

Trading and Repackaging: Businesses can trade with or without labeling, packaging, or repackaging.

Storage Solutions: Hold or store goods on behalf of foreign or domestic suppliers and buyers.

Assembly and Kitting: Efficient handling of complete knocked down (CKD) and semi-knocked down (SKD) kits.

Exhibition Center: A modern display arena for testing product marketability.

Customs-Free Storage: Move materials into Free Trade Zone in India without customs formalities, only completing legal obligations at the time of sale.

Supplier and Buyer Managed Inventory

Astromar Free Trade Zone in India offers specialized inventory management solutions:

Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI): Foreign suppliers can transfer inventory without ownership transfer, benefiting from the convenience and cost savings of a deemed foreign territory.

Buyer Managed Inventory (BMI): Buyers can manage their stock efficiently, taking advantage of strategic inventory placement and just-in-time management.

Global Connectivity and Market Access

Leverage Astromar Free Trade Zone’s strategic positioning to expand your market reach. Goods imported into our Free Trade Zone in India can be consolidated and stocked duty-free until required, with the flexibility to re-export to neighboring markets like Singapore, Dubai, UAE, USA and the Far East, or return to the origin without inconvenience and minimal charges.

Our Core Features

Sensitive Cargo Handling: Preserving goods’ orientation for safe transport.

Open Yard Storage: Customized solutions for unconventional cargo.

E-commerce Supply Chain: From warehousing to last-mile delivery, optimizing the supply chain for customer satisfaction.


Astromar Free Trade Zone in India is more than just a warehousing solution; it’s a strategic partner in your global trade operations. By offering duty deferment, cost efficiency, improved distribution channels, and a suite of value-added services, we empower businesses to optimize their supply chain, improve service quality, and achieve a competitive edge in the international market. Connect with us today to explore how Free Trade Zone India can transform your global trade operations.

📞 Contact us at +91 9940211014 or sales@astromarlogistics.com. Visit www.astromarfreezone.com for more information.

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