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“Was Madly In Love With Her”: Sridevi’s Admirer is Shared by Karan Johar

<p>In the latest Koffee With Karan Season 8 episode, a hot brother and sister pair graced the sofa. The famous filmmaker and talk show presenter Karan had a warm discussion with the actresses Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, who are the Kapoor sisters, during their enjoyable exchange. Millions of hearts were touched when the three of them were so open and honest about their feelings. In the midst of the profound and painful tales of Janhvi and Khushi’s reactions to their mother’s untimely passing, there was a touching moment in the program when Karan expressed his appreciation and fanboy moment with Sridevi.</p>
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<p>“I have to say one thing you do know and I’ve said this time and again about how crazy and madly in love I was with your mother,” said Karan Johar, revealing his feelings for Sridevi. I was a huge admirer of hers. Every one of you has experienced distinct technological waves. However, the movie theaters were the video period for me. There used to be no Hindi movie theater on the side of town where I resided. That was the time when Jeetu ji and your mother made movies. I’ve encountered them all.</p>
<p>The filmmaker reminisced about his first encounter with Sridevi, stating that he developed an obsession with the actress after their first meeting at the Mr. India film premiere. In 1993, while she was filming a movie for his father, Gumrah, he explained how he first met her. “I went to this photoshoot that Rakesh Shreshtha was shooting and my knees were rattling, because I was so nervous,” he said.</p>
<p>Speaking further, Karan Johar said that Manish Malhotra, whom he had met that day for the first time, had advised him to approach Sridevi and compliment her on her appearance, leading him to feel that the well-known fashion designer was pretentious.</p>
<p>Remarkably, Janhvi Kapoor’s first movie came out a few weeks after her mother Sridevi unintentionally drowned in the United Arab Emirates while attending the nuptials of Boney Kapoor’s nephew Arjun Marwah. Acclaimed as one of the leading actresses of her day, she gained popularity with roles in movies such as Naagin, Mr. India, English Vinglish, Mom, and Sadma.</p>

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