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World Art (Edition 6): A Global Tapestry of Art

The much-awaited 6th edition of the World Art ( Edition 6 ) : Encyclopedia of International Contemporary Artists has been released, and art connoisseurs are in for a treat. This volume, curated by visionary artist Dr . Priya Yabaluri , is a testament to her passion for exhibiting the wide and dynamic world of contemporary art .

This exquisitely crafted coffee table book explores the wide and enthralling world of present-day international artists . This volume exhibits the artists ‘ inventive energy and artistic prowess, ranging from classic paintings to avant-garde digital creations . Each artist is profiled in full , with magnificent graphic reproductions of their work, encouraging readers to embark on a visual and intellectual journey through contemporary art .

Dr . Priya Yabaluri, a well-known Indian artist and the visionary founder of Art For Awareness Publishing and World Art Fair Org, has created this edition with an eye for talent and a deep appreciation for artistic expression . Her dedication to encouraging worldwide artistic diversity shows through, and this book exemplifies her passion for cultivating creativity and building cross-cultural ties .

This edition is an excellent resource for art enthusiasts, collectors, and scholars. It provides a complete overview of the ever-changing contemporary art world. It encourages readers to investigate the cultural tapestry and originality of artists, establishing a shared space for global artistic expression . World Art ( Edition 6 ) : Encyclopedia of International Contemporary Artists is a must-have if you love or are discovering art .

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