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Never Have I Felt So Deeply Connected To Anything I’ve Read Before, Says Greta Lee About “Past Lives”

<p>Greta Lee, who plays Greta in “Past Lives,” says she now firmly believes in the notion that “we are all connected to each other.” In-yun, or the Korean phrase for destiny that binds individuals, often appears in the Sundance smash hit film.</p>
<p>Celine Song, a writer, makes an outstanding debut with the movie about two soulmates who reconnect after a long separation. According to past interviews with the aspiring director, Song’s narrative was influenced by a point in her own life when she found herself serving as a translator between her American husband and her Korean childhood love.</p>
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Lee portrays Na-young or Nora, a Korean character in “Past Lives” who was born in Canada and subsequently made her home in New York to pursue a literary career.</p>
<p>The 40-year-old actor said that by using a love narrative, they want to convey the “human experience of living” in their story.</p>
<p>“‘In-yun’ is integral to my procedure. I like to believe that I was instantly ‘in-yun’ with the writing. Never before had I felt such a strong connection to a book. Now, I hear and see the word “in-yun” all the time. I can’t turn it off. It’s simply the fact that we are all interconnected, said Lee, who is also renowned for the online series “Russian Doll” and “The Morning Show,” in a virtual interview with PTI.</p>
<p>The film “Past Lives” says that the leitmotif, “In-yun,” is derived from Buddhism and the idea of rebirth. Every interaction between humans, in the words of her character, is “in-yun,” but “it takes 8,000 layers of in-yun” for two people to stay together for their whole existence.</p>
<p>Actress Lee, whose parents were immigrants from Korea, said she connected with writer-director Song right away.</p>
<p>We immediately clicked because of our shared aspirations for the film and the way we wanted to portray the theme of love, the actress said.</p>
<p>“Past Lives” takes viewers on a trip through time and fate via two young South Korean souls who, after being wrenched apart by fate, are reunited in New York decades later. Additionally, the film stars American actor John Magaro as Arthur, the wife of Nora, and South Korean superstar Teo Yoo as Nora’s childhood love Hae-sung.</p>
<p>At the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival, the film was one of the most talked-about offerings. It made its US movie debut earlier this month to universal acclaim. On July 7, PVRINOX Pictures will release the movie in India.</p>
<p>With the “direct cultural lens” of Korean-Canadian immigrants, they had planned to portray a particular tale from the start, according to Lee, but one that was “connecting and linking arms with a much wider group of people.”</p>
<p>“Our wager is that everyone, regardless of identity, can comprehend what it is to experience human emotion and to navigate through the decisions we make in life. This includes the people we fall in love with and let to fall in love with us back, the places we go to when we leave home, and the ways that influences our life, the actor remarked.</p>
<p>According to Lee, who played the complex role of a contemporary woman juggling many identities, it was an honour to portray Nora, a character who says more via her silences. Lee said she felt “emotionally explicit” when playing the part of Nora.</p>
<p>“Music comes to mind when I think about it. The notion that a character could break into song when there aren’t enough words to explain how they feel is sometimes seen in musical theatre.</p>
<p>Similar situations occur in our movie that, in my opinion, everyone can identify with in their own lives when there aren’t adequate words. Human beings lack the ability to adequately express what has to be conveyed. It was difficult because we were speaking nearly a third language—the language of silence.</p>
<p>The chance to be a part of a film like “Past Lives,” according to Lee, is what inspired her to become an actress. She thinks that movies may convey something that is “greater and bigger than all of us.”</p>
<p>However, she said that as an American of Korean descent, she had never anticipated having the opportunity “to take something like this on”.</p>
<p>“It is such an honour. Coming up in the business, there’s something about how this tale develops and the character it centres on that seems really innovative.</p>
<p>In the States, we are still debating the question of who should be the focus of a tale like this. So often, it hasn’t been a lady who resembles me in the least. I can’t pretend to be unaware of how holy it is or to take it for granted, she said.</p>
<p>Lee said that they made it very clear from the beginning that the tale will not be conveyed using any preconceptions or “palatable explanations” of what it is like to be an immigrant.</p>
<p>“It’s just about love and the human experience told from the point of view of someone who just so happens to look different from someone you’ve seen before,” she said.</p>

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