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Orgatre’s Rapid Growth Continues, Projected to Reach 5 Lakh Customers by Year-End

In the fast-evolving beauty industry, one brand has caught the attention of beauty enthusiasts and conscious consumers alike: Orgatre. Founded in 2019 by Himanshu Sharma and Shashikant Pandey, Orgatre has experienced an exponential rise in popularity since its inception, acquiring over 30,000 customers who have embraced its organic and toxin-free products.

Orgatre’s commitment to using natural ingredients has resonated with consumers looking for safer alternatives for their beauty and personal care needs. With revenue generation of more than 2 crore and steady growth in customer acquisition, the brand is expected to hit a significant milestone by the end of this year: 500,000 customers.

This remarkable growth is due to Orgatre’s unwavering commitment to product quality and innovation. In line with its vision of offering holistic care, the brand plans to launch a new product line in 2023 that will include shampoo, conditioner, and color cosmetics. This expansion will further solidify Orgatres’ position as a trusted name in the beauty industry.

One of the main reasons for the success of Orgatres was the strategic collaboration with influential figures. Recently, the brand has teamed up with renowned Indian actress Adah Sharma, who shares her passion for promoting natural beauty. Adahs’ collaboration with Orgatre has not only helped raise awareness of the brand but has also garnered critical acclaim for its commitment to sustainable and organic practices.

Looking ahead, Orgatre aims to continue forging partnerships with celebrities and industry experts, enhancing its brand visibility and expanding its reach to a wider audience. By leveraging the power of collaboration, Orgatre intends to strengthen its position as a leading advocate for natural and organic beauty.

At the heart of Orgatre’s success lies its exceptional range of products, carefully formulated with the utmost care and dedication. Their groundbreaking Hair Fall Control Oil has gained significant acclaim since its launch in October 2022. Crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, including 5 essential vitamins (Vit E, Vit C, Vit B3, Vit B5, Vit B7) and organic essential oils (Ginger Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, Thyme Oil), this oil has proven effective in addressing hair fall, thinning, and scalp-related issues.

Orgatre’s Hair Fall Control Oil stands out for its unique Vitamils formulation, a revolutionary combination of vitamins and organic essential oils. This rare blend of five essential vitamins and five organic oils nourishes the hair follicles, enhances hair growth, and helps prevent hair fall. Customers have reported noticeable improvements in hair texture, volume, and length, as well as relief from dandruff and premature greying.

In addition, Orgatres Hair Loss Control Oil has several improved features. Its exceptional formula balances scalp pH, heals scalp infections, and rejuvenates dormant hair follicles for optimal hair growth. This oil is suitable for all hair types and is free from harmful chemicals. It has become a trusted ally for people seeking a natural and holistic approach to hair care.

With a strong commitment to providing the best possible care to its customers, Orgatre has positioned itself as a brand that empowers people to feel confident and beautiful in their skin, hair, and body. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to organic and sustainable practices continue to fuel its rapid growth and shape the future of the beauty industry.

As Orgatre aims to reach 500,000 customers by the end of this year, the company is reaffirming its position as a pioneer in the organic beauty market. Through innovation, collaboration, and a true commitment to customer satisfaction, Orgatre is poised to change the way we experience beauty and harness the power of nature.

For more information about Orgatre and its range of natural beauty products, please visit their website at www.orgatre.com.
For more information visit: https://orgatre.com/products/hair-growth-oil 

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