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Has ACC proposed moving up the Asia Cup? know specifics

On Monday, officials from the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) said that no suggestion about the postponing of the Asia Cup 2023 had been made to the member countries. This comes following media speculations that the Asia Cup would be postponed and a separate competition—excluding Pakistan—might be held in Dubai within the same time frame.
According to the previously circulating claims, if PCB declines to consent to hosting the Asia Cup at a neutral site, the competition may be relocated outside of the nation.
The Pakistan Cricket Board has the hosting rights for the ODI-format Asia Cup in 2023, but BCCI secretary Jay Shah, who is also the ACC chairman, has made it plain that the Indian cricket team would not visit Pakistan.
On the other side, the PCB has suggested hosting the Asia Cup using a “hybrid model,” in which India plays in a neutral location, most likely Dubai, while Pakistan plays its matches at home.
A member of the ACC Board who was present for conversations outside of an ICC meeting in Dubai told PTI under the condition of anonymity that “messages have been exchanged, but no discussion or proposal to postpone the Asia Cup has been floated.”
“Secondly, PCB will be notified first if the Asia Cup is postponed. That hasn't happened yet in any way. Shah, the chairman of the ACC, has not yet made any public statements.
The ACC will need to convene an Executive Board meeting in order to postpone or cancel the event. The meeting may be called by the chairman (Shah) in seven days, whether in person or virtually. No mention of such a meeting has yet been made, the insider said.
According to the ACC source, the Indian team was invited and promised the greatest level of protection and hospitality in what seems to be the final formal letter exchange between the PCB, ACC, and BCCI.
The present delicate political climate makes it difficult for India to visit Pakistan, he said.
The official broadcaster's financial commitment to broadcasting agreements, which includes at least two guaranteed India-Pakistan matches, is the second problem. The third game would be a goldmine if the two clubs get to the final.
He remarked, “We must keep in mind the media rights and the arrangement with Star Sports, who have paid millions for, at least, two India vs. Pakistan matches in the Asia Cup.
It is said that Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) did back the BCCI during the informal debate regarding holding the event at a neutral site among the ACC members.
“Look, if Asia Cup is postponed after the ACC chairman calls an Executive Board meeting, the consequences would not only affect Pakistan's World Cup participation but also the PCB's FTP schedule and bilateral ties with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, or Afghanistan.

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